Mystery Researchers

Driving business improvements through actionable consumer insight

Cutting through the fray of customer experience organizations in an effort to bring true knowledge and actionable data to the business world.  A dynamic approach from a unique organization for uncommonly powerful results.



Who are Mystery Researchers' shoppers?  In short, they're your shoppers.  They're the everyday person looking to make a difference and they partner with Mystery Researchers to do just that.  Our shoppers generally come to us to sign up for available assignments, however, Mystery Researchers has the ability to manually assign shoppers to shops, which means that only a select few could be chosen as "premiere" shoppers for your brand.

A few fun facts:

- All shoppers are approved via their social security number or EIN

- All shoppers are paid via PayPal just weeks after the shop takes place

- Our shops have reimbursements as high as $175

- Our shoppers shop everything from small businesses to Fortune 50 corporations

Interested in knowing more about our shoppers?  See the graphic below... 

Mystery Researchers
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Shoppers: P: 404.351.7854 
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